From The Hearts of Children 

During an annual family meeting where we decide what we are going to do for Christmas such as: adopt a family, do we want to exchange gifts or do an activity, how to decorate, etc., the children told us that instead of presents this year, they wanted to do something for people around us. 

Knowing my background as a domestic violence victim, and knowing that there was a shelter nearby that needed help, they decided that The Salvation Army Domestic Violence Shelter in West Pasco County, would be the number one place to help this Christmas. 


Then they decided this wasn’t enough, we had to help more people. Not wanting to squander their compassion, we obliged. It was decided that we would help one family with a sick daughter, “Alida” Casey. But we would also accept submissions for the other families to help and bring the total to 3 families. 


You can find further details here:  GoFundMe Press Release



15% of Goal: $1,500/10,000 


Start Time:










December 24, 2018

12:00am Eastern

Pine Island Beach Park

310 miles (500km)

The Pickle Juice Company  


The Salvation Army

Alida Casey

Family 1 & 2 – TBD 12/25 


Press Release 


Facebook Event Page 

Kennadie’s Challenge

In 2017, I completed an annual challenge through  Strava by  Rapha Racing , The Rapha Racing Festive500. The challenge is simple: 8 days, 500km (310mi). 


Having only just started cycling in August of 2017 and being a very competitive person, especially against myself, I accepted the challenge. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but I finished the challenge on Day 7 by also completing my first “metric century” (100km ride). You can see the recap video here:  2017 Festive 500  


 Since completion, I set my sights on doing it faster in 2018. Kennadie has been teasing me since January of 2018 “betcha can’t do it all in one day.” So when we decided to move forward with “Giving Away Christmas” I asked for ideas. Kennadie brought up the challenge she had been setting before me all year long. Allen & Daniel quickly jumped in and agreed with their sister. And so it began…

Challenge Accepted

 On Christmas Eve, I will be riding across Florida and back again. Nicole, Kennadie, Allen, and Daniel will be coming along as SAG (Support & Gear) as I make the journey by bicycle.


This ride is expected to take approximately 20 hours from Start to Finish. We will be leaving Pine Island Beach Park in Weeki Wachee, FL and heading East to Cocoa Beach, FL. We have 14 checkpoints plotted along the way. The checkpoints can be seen here:  GAC 2018 Checkpoints


Fellow cyclists are invited to come out and ride along for any distance that is preferred. This is Christmas Eve, so we understand that the showing may be very small. You can see a list of checkpoints above in the Event Details. Please feel free to use our contact page to let us know if you plan on riding along.


We will be making a few special stops, such as Fort Christmas & the NASA gate. 

Who We Are Supporting 

Every dollar matters. Please consider donating to this fundraiser and give from your heart. We understand that not everyone can give, but we can all spread the word to help make this fundraiser a huge success. Join us this Christmas and help us Give Christmas Away. I promise that you won’t be disappointed. $10 can really count this Christmas

The recipients of the funds of this fundraiser will be:

 $5,000 or 50% Salvation Army Domestic Violence Shelter

$2,500 or 25% Family 1: Florence Casey

$1,250 or 12.5% Family 2: Will be chosen from submissions and announced on Christmas Day

$1,000 or 10% Family 3: Will also be chosen from submissions and announced on Christmas Day 

$250(MAX) or 2.5% Event Cost. (If 2.5% exceeds $250, additional funds will be split across recipients)


We are accepting E-mail submissions for families 2 & 3. Please do not hesitate to submit information on someone you know. On Christmas Day, we will be opening these E-mails and reading them to see who we can help best. “This”, is our Christmas and we would love to help!